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Vinarium Wine and Winery

Wineries in Upper Austria
Here you can access all wineries located in Upper Austria. You may also want to try the area tree navigator in the left column!

Klaus Bauer
A-4492 Hofkirchen bei St. Florian
Hans Eigner
A-4614 Marchtrenk
Weinkellerei Stift Kremsmünster
A-4550 Kremsmünster
Horst Marchler
A-4861 Schörfling am Attersee
Reisenhofer Moritz
A-4866 Unterach am Attersee
Andreas Naderer
A-4040 Linz
Erwin und Waltraud Rabeder
4101 Feldkirchen/Donau


Reisenhofer Moritz

The vintner who was born in Hungary found this area by the Atter Lake-village for viticulture after a thousand years and planted Bluefrankish vines on a community slope within a natural reserve.

Upper Austria

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